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The Story of Deshaj Group of Prints

Everyone wants to be an Entrepreneur and wants to be their own boss but not every startup gets success in this race. Today I’m here to share the success story behind the Deshaj Group Of Print, Bihar’s No. 1 leading Hindi Digi News Network.

Deshaj Group of Print Staying up-to-date with the latest news and information is what necessary to be a person with wisdom of news updates. Nowadays, the news is one of the topmost sensations revolving around the digital world than the traditional news mediums. By sitting at any corner of the world you get the benefit of viewing the latest news and updates within no less time. Due to which people love to know any sort of news and forward the same on various social media groups.

The mission

Deshaj Mission is to serve you best with the Hindi Daily news portal. We deliver national, international and local news across the globe, your updates are a click away! Deshaj Group Of Prints has maintained digital transparency in the field of e-portals. Keeping the digitalization in progress, all our portals are designed mobile and user-friendly.

Deshaj Times Also Known as Deshaj Group Of Print is Bihar’s No1 News Portal. The Best Thing About Deshaj is that we strive to cater our viewers with authentic and original news with complete coverage of all the categories and aspects of Bihar.

People behind the Print Group

Two-man behind this awesome startup Mr. Manoranjan Thakur, (Founder & Leading) and Vivashwat Thakur, (CEO)

Mr. Thakur is the founder of Online Personalised News Venture Deshaj Group Of Print. Apart from this, He’s a great Writer, Director, and Actor too.

For Vivashwat, life is full of these usual challenges and then some. At 15, Vivashwat is already running A Group Of Digital Print, Working With tech startups. He is also working on several projects simultaneously. He finds happiness in learning things online and preparing himself for the entrepreneurial journey. He found his best friend in a computer, at the age of Eight.

Being an introvert, I spent my time knowing this new toy more. Starting with making random pictures on MS paint, I got used to the Microsoft software in a few years,” By class IX, I was working nights on my companies Vivashwat says.

Entrepreneurs Startups

An Interview with Sankarsh, Founder & CEO of Savart

This is an Interview with Sankarsh Chandra, Founder & CEO of Savart, a wealth management platform.

Q. How did your company start?

Sankarsh: It was not a part of my initial plan to start a business or anything associated with it. However, as the journey progressed, I understood that it is important to regularize our vision, create an organization with individuals who will exponentially increase our productivity and thus help reach more people.

Everything happened in a step-by-step manner and the idea was not entirely clear in the beginning. There have been a lot of changes since we began working on the plan.

Q. What was the vision behind it?

Sankarsh: Savart was started with a clear vision of helping people achieve their financial goals by making smart investments. We believe we have stuck to it so far and will continue to do so in the future.

Q. Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what way they are unique?

Sankarsh: The services offered by Savart are:

Investment Services

● Risk Profiling: It is our constant endeavor to try and understand clients better, thereby giving you the most customized services ultimately. Our unique EFG – Emotional Financial & General Analysis, ask less & understands more. Things were as subtle as the way you navigate our application are analyzed, to understand the way you think and behave with money.

● Portfolio review: We also review the existing portfolios of clients.

● Financial Planning: Having a financial plan helps! Having a direction and drive makes it easy to track progress and achieve goals. Moreover, there is a discipline created.

● Investment Planning: The first step towards making an investment is to create a portfolio of high-quality securities. We also believe that asset allocation is as important as picking the right securities. Hence, we leave this to our intelligent systems and team. The result is a simple, easy-to-use portfolio with clearly defined allocations and investments.

● Buying: It is important to buy the right company or mutual fund at the right price & unfortunately, it takes time to do it. We do the research so you don’t have to. We don’t give tips or picks, we give well-constructed portfolios.

● Re-balancing: The markets & the nature of the underlying businesses are dynamic, it is important to occasionally but systematically review the investments and make necessary changes when required. We do not like making too many changes to the portfolio either, keeping the churn and costs always low.

● Selling: Selling is as important as buying. Emotional decisions made in haste always result in regret. Our systems and experts consider your personal financial goals, needs & the market, company dynamics to make an informed & systematic Withdrawal.

Highlights of our services & work:

● Affordable pricing: Our vision of serving ‘everybody’ is one of the most important aspects of the business. We make constant efforts to drive our costs down to make our services accessible to a larger number of people. Our special discounts for students, farmers and those with poor financial backgrounds are a small part of our initiative in this direction.

● Indiscriminate quality of service: Unlike the industry norm of treating customers based on the revenue made from each of them, our services are designed in a manner so as to render the best of results to everybody, irrespective of the quantum of investment.

● Zero conflict of interest: Savart never ventured into the broking business to ensure that our work is in the client’s best interest. We keep our advisory unbiased by keeping away from broking.

● Extensive research: Savart employs the combination of computing accuracy & human intuition to conduct meticulous research on mutual funds, stock, bonds and other investments.

● Niche customer segment: Savart typically caters to the INR 100 – INR 5,000,000 market that is not served by the larger advisory & PMS category players. It is also a part of our strategy to reach out to rural & sub-urban areas and create investment awareness & help them invest seamlessly.

● State-of-the-art technology: Savart’s intelligent advisory systems scourge more than 1200 parameters spanning everything from corporate governance, ethics to business potential and entrepreneurship of companies. This eclectic research is enabled by deep-learning algorithms & artificial intelligence developed by Savart’s in – house technology team.

● Culture & Principles: Savart is governed by a strong family-like culture and principles that clearly define the transparent & idea meritocratic approach within the organization.

● Diversified investment options: Savart’s research covers myriad asset classes including stock, mutual funds, bonds & gold to ensure that all clients receive a balanced portfolio. We are also working on including private equity & select exotic investments to our asset portfolio soon.

Q. Difficulties that you have faced or you are facing.

Sankarsh: We have faced several challenges throughout the journey of our startup, from financial to product-related. However, the only constant in our business has been our commitment to give the best experience to our clients. This has helped us weather the storms and grow steadily.

The current challenges that we face are with the automation of all of our processes. We have been working on it very closely and have made some progress but a lot of work still Remains.

Q. How your company is helping India to grow?

Sankarsh: I guess it is India which is helping us grow and in turn we believe and hope to add some value to the society. We work with clients from varied backgrounds among whom there are few from not so well to do financial backgrounds. It gives us immense excitement to work with them and help the. achieve their financial goals.

All our team members at Savart also spend quality time in not just selling products to people but also explaining, educating and spreading awareness. I believe this is very important and crucial to creating a financially literate society.

We are and will be doing a lot of other things that will continue to benefit all.

Q. What are your strengths

Sankarsh: My core strengths are:

1. Patience: This is owed to my long exposure of working with long term investments.

2. Energetic: I am always excited about work.

3. Confidence; I am very confident about everything I do but remain open to listen and learn.

Q. Message to budding entrepreneurs

Sankarsh: The single most important message to my fellow entrepreneurs would be to believe in themselves and stay committed to whatever they are building. It is also important to understand that passion is a key element for success throughout the journey. A strong combination of passion, commitment and innovation will ensure that one can make a unique place for themselves.

I also believe patience is very important irrespective of the domain of work. It is a key trait to survive the intense journey of being an entrepreneur. On the contrary, I also believe that it is difficult to pinpoint specific traits, especially because I have seen so many successful people who do not tick some of the above boxes. So, I guess being original is equally important.

It was a nice conversation with dear friend Sankarsh, I hope he will reach more milestones in his Savart journey.

Visit Savart for any Investment Guidance.

News Technology

Fb, Instagram down, Twitter has a discipline day

Fb and Instagram weren’t accessible to customers on Thursday night in India and another component of the world, Individuals shared their horror on Twitter.

The 2 social media platforms owned by Facebook Inc have been reported down internationally on Thursday night.

Whereas the Fb login web page stated: Sorry, something went unsuitable. We’re engaged in getting this fastened as quickly as we are able to. Instagram merely admitted: Oops, an error occurred.

As typical, as quickly as these platforms went down, the customers rushed to Twitter to determine what is occurring. And inside minutes #FacebookDown and #InstragramDown have been trending worldwide.

The reason for Fb and Instagram downtime shouldn’t be instantly identified.


Life story of the legendary Sandeep Maheshwari

His family’s aluminum business collapsed. And he decided to do something in this crucial time of need. He tried everything from joining a multi level marketing company to manufacturing & marketing household products.

He even tried his luck in modeling at an age of 19 years. 

Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience.

Struggling with Hazy Goals, he took up a two weeks course in photography. He was mocked and ridiculed by every one, but he kept pursuing his goal.

He made a world record by taking more than 10.000 photos, of 122 models in just 10 hours 45 minutes.

In 2016, he launched,

In the beginning, he was the counselor, the tele-caller and the photographer for the business. 

never underestimate yourself, you are much more than you think.

Today, Imagesbazaar is the world’s largest collection of Indian images, with more than 7000 clients across 45 countries.

Besides being a successful Entrepreneur, He is a Guide, a mentor, a role model and a youth icon for millions of people all over the world.

His vision is of helping people to make their life easy.

Speak Good, Listen Good and Be Good.

As of 2017, he is worth around $2 million. And now, he is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of India.

Everything you desire, is within you.


Frontbench Startup: Best Things Don’t Happen Only In IIT’s/IIM’s

Best things not only happen IIT’s and IIM’s, here are three boys from Bihar, started a startup called Frontbench. They said, their main goal is to make opportunities for every individual equal.

Very often, we hear that an ‘X’ IIT grad, grabs a mammoth package of 1.25 crore or gets a scholarship for masters in some premier foreign university.

We all know IITs, IIMs. A few other premier institutions house the best minds of the country. And have established their unbeatable position after years of perseverance, but the reality is, they just constitute 20% of the total graduates every year.

How did this start?

When, Deepak Kumar, a student of a private engineering college, in the National Capital Region, interacted with students. Mentoring them in events and on social platforms, he realized that there is a huge asymmetry of information.

Later, in October, he started creating an open-source repository. Where students and professionals, irrespective of their institution, locality or income gets equal opportunity to know about competitions, hackathons, seminars, internships and other opportunities that help them to grow.

Deepak says, that the A-to-Z-resource-for-students repository was among Top 3 trending repository on Github over a month.

Later, Deepak, Avinash, and Venkatesh on realizing the depth of the problem; converted it into a centralized portal with Frontbench Startup.





The realization.

Then they realized that there is no dearth of motivation and talent in students who don’t belong to a premier institution. That made them to Start Frontbench startup. A one-stop destination to find the right track.

In this age, the information is just a click away, but they found numerous students who lacked the right track and guidance for their future growth.

Avinash claims that Frontbench Startup provides all the resources that a student needs for free. Whether it’s the roadmap to learn new technologies or a platform to explore available opportunities, like hackathons, competition, scholarship, fellowships, internships or to get mentorship from industry experts.



Deepak further says that we are reaching more campuses every passing day and we hope to connect with more people in the coming days. Our reach within 50 campuses in a week and the response we are getting makes us believe that the problem is genuine and must be solved urgently.

We, from 9Learers, Wishing for the success ahead for their efforts.

If you want to start such amazing startups, visit “How to start a Startup?” article.

You can visit Frontbench here :


Whats is Frontbench Startup?

It is a platform that showcases every opportunity for students. They mainly focus on tier 2 and 3 cities where information was not reached effectively.

What type of opportunities?

Opportunities like, competitions, hackathons, seminars, internships and other opportunities that help every student to grow.

How did Frontbench start?

The realization that there is no dearth of motivation and talent in students who don’t belong to a premier institution. Made them to Start Frontbench startup. A one-stop destination to find the right track.


How to start a Startup?

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All keywords in C Language

Here are the all keywords that used in C Language and their usage.

1. Auto

Auto keyword declares automatic variables.

2. Break

Brake statement makes program jump out of innermost enclosing loop explicitly.

3. Continue

Continue statement skips the certain statements inside the loop.

4. Switch, Case and DefaDefault

The switch and case is used when a block of statements has to be executed among different blocks.

5. Char

The char keyword declares a character variable.

6. Const

An identifier can be declared constant by using const keyword.

7. Do and While

Used to define a loop with at least one execution.

8. Double and Float

Keywords double and Float are used for declaring floating type variables.

9. If and Else

If and Else are used to make decisions.

10. Return

Return keyword terminates the function and return the value.

11. Sizeof

Sizeof keyword evaluates the size of data.

12. Register

Register keyword creates register values which are much faster then normal variables.

13. Goto

Goto keyword is used for unconditional jump to a labeled statement inside a function.

14. Int

Int keyword declares integer variables.

15. Short, long, signed and unsigned

These keywords are type modifiers that alters the meaning of a base data type to yield a new type.

16. Enum

Enumeration types are declared in C Programming using enum keyword.

17. Extern

Extern keyword declares that a variable or a function has external linkage outside of the file it is declared.

18. For

The for loop is used in C Programming using keyword For.

19. Union

A union is used for grouping different types of variables under a single name.

20. Void

Void keyword indicates that a function doesn’t return any value.

21. Volatile

Volatile keyword is used for creating volatile objects. A volatile object can be modified in an unspecified way by the hardware.

22. Static

Static keyword creates static variables. The value of the static variables persists until the young of the programme.

23. Struct

Struct keyword is used for declaring a structure. A structure can hold variables of different types under a single name.

24. Typedef

Typedef keyword is used to explicitly associate a type with an identifier.


What is SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate Serve as the Backbone of Internet Security

SSL Certificates used to establish an encrypted connection between a browser or user’s computer and a website or server.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”

Types of SSL Certificates

1. Extended Validation (EV)

Protect all subdomain websites, used by most of the world’s leading organizations.

2. Organisation Validation (OV)

Protect Business Website. OV Certificates therefore contain legitimate business information.

3. Domain Validation (DV)

Protect Personal Websites. There is no identifying organizational information.

Benefits of SSL Certificates

1. SSL encrypts sensitive data

All the information will be encrypted and unreadable to everyone except for the person you are sending.

2. SSL Certificates are creditable

Google Chrome will show a lock icon or a green bar in their URL bar for for SSL certified websites to indicate visitors it’s safe and secure.

3. SSL meets PCI Compliance standards

PCI standards assures the right strength of encryption and provides a private connection on any website.

4. SSL builds your SEO rankings

Your website will be ranked higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


How To Become A Ghostwriter For Beginners

Whether you are a literary/fine arts graduate or someone with significant experience in the publishing industry, you must have given thought to ghostwrite and how the industry works. The profession of ghostwriting entails writing articles, blogs, emails, newsletters, web copies, speeches and posts for your client but all the writing credits goes to your client, not the actual writer— that’s why the term ghostwriter was coined for all such writers.

Expert ghostwriters are not just an exceptional writer but also a great listener. One of the biggest reasons as to why many people take ghostwriting as their profession is that it pays well. Another great why ghostwriting is a great profession is that once you are done with writing, that’s all– you don‘t have to work on marketing strategies or figure out ways to promote that composed content.

What makes ghostwriting great is less research work than other writing professions. A ghostwriter has to research on the given topic and project, but most of the research material and content is provided by the clients which ease and speeds up the research process. Lastly, being a ghostwriter can also contribute to expanding your freelance business.

Being a ghostwriter requires proper communication skills that means this profession not just improves your communication skills, but it also provides you a chance to interact and get to know celebrities and known individuals. Once you know how to integrate the voice of other people in your continent, it helps in enhancing your writing skills. So here’s a comprehensive guide for all the fellow ghostwriting aspirants:

Step 1: Write A Book:

The reason why we have made it the first step is that you can’t write a book in someone else’s voice if you haven’t tried writing one yourself. If wiring one book doesn’t give an idea about this profession, try writing another one. Write at least 50,000 words so that you know how to work on lengthy writing projects. Writing a book gives you an idea about the nuances, narratives, content flow, and other similar aspects. If you are unsure about your niche, try working on different genres, and niches to see which one could be your specialty.

Step 2: Act Like A Professional:

If you want to become a professional, then you should act like one and by that we mean start using the tactics and methods that the ghostwriting professionals and experts use. Start by making a website and creating a professional email address. Get the business cards printed and update all your professional social media profiles. When somebody asks “what do you do for a living?” don’t just you write, own your profession and call yourself a ghostwriter when you interact with new people. All in all, treat your public interaction as a business and be prepared when it comes to offering and marketing of your services.

Step 3: Develop Your Credentials:

The competition in the ghostwriting industry is a tough one. You have to keep yourself updated with the current industry trends and developments to stay ahead in the game. A great way to gain a reputable place in this industry is to write for well-recognized magazines and work with publishing houses and companies.

Get in touch with companies and organizations and offer them your services to write articles and blogs for them — Pitch blogs and articles on their behalf for outside publications. However, if you have a knack for storytelling and you work as fiction or a non-fiction ghostwriter, reach out literary magazines and get your work published. The key is to keep writing and especially on topics related to your specialized field or industry.

Step 4: Make A Great Portfolio:

Contact your close friends, family, colleagues, and take their help to polish or writing skills. Keep an eye out for companies who have difficulty in writing the “about” page for their website. As most people don’t know how to put their own story in words, so offer your services to such organizations and companies, and it will be a great addition in your portfolio.

Work with someone who assistance in honing down the voice and clarity in the structure of their composed content. It allows you to get a real-world experience about working with other and content composition.

Step 5: Practice Different Voices And Styles:

Finding and integrating the right voice of your client in your content is the key to succeeding in the ghostwriting profession. The best way to get this right is to step out of comfort zone, usual voice, and genre and try to imitate the style and voice of your favorite authors and writers. The sign of a great ghostwriter is his ability to make the finalized content t sound just like his client.

Happy writing!

Becoming a ghostwriter is all about patience, persistence, and determination. Keep these characteristics intact and trick in mind, and you will be on the right path to becoming a successful ghostwriter.


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