All keywords in C Language

Here are the all keywords that used in C Language and their usage.

1. Auto

Auto keyword declares automatic variables.

2. Break

Brake statement makes program jump out of innermost enclosing loop explicitly.

3. Continue

Continue statement skips the certain statements inside the loop.

4. Switch, Case and DefaDefault

The switch and case is used when a block of statements has to be executed among different blocks.

5. Char

The char keyword declares a character variable.

6. Const

An identifier can be declared constant by using const keyword.

7. Do and While

Used to define a loop with at least one execution.

8. Double and Float

Keywords double and Float are used for declaring floating type variables.

9. If and Else

If and Else are used to make decisions.

10. Return

Return keyword terminates the function and return the value.

11. Sizeof

Sizeof keyword evaluates the size of data.

12. Register

Register keyword creates register values which are much faster then normal variables.

13. Goto

Goto keyword is used for unconditional jump to a labeled statement inside a function.

14. Int

Int keyword declares integer variables.

15. Short, long, signed and unsigned

These keywords are type modifiers that alters the meaning of a base data type to yield a new type.

16. Enum

Enumeration types are declared in C Programming using enum keyword.

17. Extern

Extern keyword declares that a variable or a function has external linkage outside of the file it is declared.

18. For

The for loop is used in C Programming using keyword For.

19. Union

A union is used for grouping different types of variables under a single name.

20. Void

Void keyword indicates that a function doesn’t return any value.

21. Volatile

Volatile keyword is used for creating volatile objects. A volatile object can be modified in an unspecified way by the hardware.

22. Static

Static keyword creates static variables. The value of the static variables persists until the young of the programme.

23. Struct

Struct keyword is used for declaring a structure. A structure can hold variables of different types under a single name.

24. Typedef

Typedef keyword is used to explicitly associate a type with an identifier.


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