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The Story of Deshaj Group of Prints

Everyone wants to be an Entrepreneur and wants to be their own boss but not every startup gets success in this race. Today I’m here to share the success story behind the Deshaj Group Of Print, Bihar’s No. 1 leading Hindi Digi News Network.

Deshaj Group of Print Staying up-to-date with the latest news and information is what necessary to be a person with wisdom of news updates. Nowadays, the news is one of the topmost sensations revolving around the digital world than the traditional news mediums. By sitting at any corner of the world you get the benefit of viewing the latest news and updates within no less time. Due to which people love to know any sort of news and forward the same on various social media groups.

The mission

Deshaj Mission is to serve you best with the Hindi Daily news portal. We deliver national, international and local news across the globe, your updates are a click away! Deshaj Group Of Prints has maintained digital transparency in the field of e-portals. Keeping the digitalization in progress, all our portals are designed mobile and user-friendly.

Deshaj Times Also Known as Deshaj Group Of Print is Bihar’s No1 News Portal. The Best Thing About Deshaj is that we strive to cater our viewers with authentic and original news with complete coverage of all the categories and aspects of Bihar.

People behind the Print Group

Two-man behind this awesome startup Mr. Manoranjan Thakur, (Founder & Leading) and Vivashwat Thakur, (CEO)

Mr. Thakur is the founder of Online Personalised News Venture Deshaj Group Of Print. Apart from this, He’s a great Writer, Director, and Actor too.

For Vivashwat, life is full of these usual challenges and then some. At 15, Vivashwat is already running A Group Of Digital Print, Working With tech startups. He is also working on several projects simultaneously. He finds happiness in learning things online and preparing himself for the entrepreneurial journey. He found his best friend in a computer, at the age of Eight.

Being an introvert, I spent my time knowing this new toy more. Starting with making random pictures on MS paint, I got used to the Microsoft software in a few years,” By class IX, I was working nights on my companies Vivashwat says.


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Written by Harikrishna Reddy

Harikrishna Reddy is the Founder and CEO of 9Learners Media and HaliX Tech Solutions (HTS). An Aspiring Entrepreneur and Enthusiastic Learner.

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